San Bernard Oak Trail

The San Bernard Oak is registered by the Texas A&M Forest Service as the largest Live Oak (Quercus virginiana var. virginiana) in Texas.   This registration is based on the following measurements:
  •   Circumference: 383 inches
  •   Height: 67 feet
  •   Crown: 109 feet
    Source: Texas A&M Forest Service Big Tree Registry.   View registry.

    The San Bernard Oak Trail is accessible from County Highway 306 via a driveway and a trail.   For information about visiting the San Bernard Oak, see the map below.

    For a brochure describing various stops along the trail, click here.

    San Bernard Oak with John Boettiger as a scale reference.
    April 2004

    The San Bernard Oak
    Photos by John Boettiger, April 2004 and October 2005.

    The San Bernard Oak Trail
    Photos by Marty Cornell, January 2006

    Boardwalk construction, January 2006.
    Photo by Marty Cornell

  • The San Bernard Oak Trail is accessible by auto through a locked gate on the north side of County Road 306.   Persons wishing to visit the San Bernard Oak must register at the Refuge Headquarters during business hours, either in person or by telephone to 979-964-3639.   After-hours visits are permitted, but must be arranged in advance with Refuge Headquarters staff.