Hudson Woods Unit of SBNWR
Brazoria County, Texas

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  • Bottomland hardwood forest, such as you are now entering, are rich habitats known for high wildlife diversity and productivity.   These forest have been identified as especially important for migrant birds.   As you explore the ecosystem of Hudson Woods, notice the many forest layers and the interactions between plants and wildlife, each important to sustaining a healthy environment.

    Hudson Woods consists of over 1000 acres of old growth forest, an oxbow lake, willow swamps, and partially cleared land which will be restored to wetland forest.   As the years pass there are changes to the forest ecosystem.   Through a natural process called ecological succession, new plants and trees come to life while others die. Scoby Lake Trail which circles a natural oxbow lake, is almost two miles long and allows people to enjoy the natural beauty of an old bottomland forest.   As you hike the trails, listen and you may hear the drilling of a woodpecker, the sound of a squirrel cracking a nut, or the songs of a variety of birds, some of which live here all year, and some which migrate through on their journey between the tropics and northern regions.

    As you walk today, please stay on the trail for safety and be mindful of possible encounters with venomous snakes.   Remember, on the Refuge all life is protected, even snakes.   Please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.   The trail is accessible for hiking, photography, and wildlife observation.